BBC Blue Room

Posted on 23rd September 2015 by Belfast Media Festival

BBC Blue Room

The ‘BBC Blue Room’ is a media technology demonstration team. We showcase the new and exciting ways in which audiences are consuming and creating content, and the key game-changing technologies and platforms they are using. It is our aim to provide an impartial viewpoint on, and hands–on experience with, the existing and emerging technologies shaping the future of digital media.

At this year’s BMF exhibition we will take you on a journey through three Technology areas that showcase practical creative examples are possible by the ever more converging worlds of ‘Broadcast’ and ‘Digital’ thinking. Indeed, are they actually separate worlds any more?
First of all, we’ll be looking at how Digital technology can take a programme or brand ‘beyond the TV’ and provide new ways of informing, educating and entertaining by enabling the audience to do more. We will look at various examples from the BBC and beyond, including interactive storytelling, using the audience as software beta-testers, and convincing kids how to learn computer coding.
We will also be looking into the Personal Broadcasting; the exciting potential, and issues caused by, live streaming apps and platforms such as Periscope, Meerkat and Twitch. We will be able to provide you with some key insights, as well as allowing you to get hands on with these apps.
Finally we will look at the exciting world of interactive content, specifically, Virtual Reality. With examples from both the Gaming and 360-Video world, we will look at the creative potential and technical challenges these latest immersive formats
Colin Warhurst
BBC Blue Room



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