Women in the Media: Get connected

Posted on 15th October 2015 by Belfast Media Festival

Women in the Media: Get connected

By Camilla Long, Bespoke Communications

Women in the Media: get connected takes place at 2:15 pm on Friday 6th November at the Belfast Media Festival 2015 in the Mac, Cathedral Quarter, Belfast.  Five reasons to attend:

1) Make your voice heard

TV and radio programming sometimes lacks gender balance – only 24% of the people in the news are women.  Come along to make your voice heard at the Belfast Media Festival and encourage those in charge of programming to reach out to new voices and sources of expertise.

2) Tap into potential work opportunities

If you’re working in the digital or media industries, come to this session to meet women with similar interests to you.  In a recent Creative Skillset survey, over half of respondents found their current job through informal recruitment methods.  Grow your potential work opportunities by tapping into friendly networks of contacts and expertise.

3) Access potential collaborations

We all have skills and areas where we’re strong.  But, we also could all access wider and greater work opportunities by collaborating with others with complementary skills.  Find out about networks that can help you to build a contact base of trusted collaborators to help you get access to interesting work and projects.

4) Find out what you need to do to grow your business

As an employer, do you find yourself with vacancies that you can’t fill? Have you ever turned down a contract because you couldn’t find people to service the opportunity? In a UK Commission for Employment and Skills report , the top recommendation to employers  for skills gaps is to widen the recruitment pool and bring in more women.  Come along to hear what practical steps you can take to work with talented women seeking a flexible approach to work.

5) Build a loyal following

As a policymaker, have you ever thought about supports you can provide to the creative industries? Build yourself a loyal constituency by listening carefully to what the industry needs to grow.

Oh and we did say five reasons, but here’s a sixth…..

6) It’s free!

Thanks to the generosity of the programme sponsors, tickets for the entire Belfast Media Festival are FREE!  Big shout out to the 20+ companies who’ve dug deep to bring us such a fantastic line-up.

If one of these reasons strikes a chord with you, please register free of charge for the Belfast Media Festival here and come along to the Women in the Media: Get Connected session on Friday 6th November.

1Creative Skillset (2014). The Creative Media Workforce Survey 2014. Available at http://creativeskillset.org/assets/0001/0465/Creative_Skillset_Creative_Media_Workforce_Survey_2014.pdf

2UK CES (2012). Sector Skills Insights: Digital and Creative. Evidence Report 49. Available at https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/304485/Sector_Skills_Insights_Digital_and_Creative_evidence_report_49.pdf

3Global Media Monitoring Project (2010). Who makes the news? Available at http://cdn.agilitycms.com/who-makes-the-news/Imported/reports_2010/highlights/highlights_en.pdf 



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