Disruptive Power of Digital

Theatre Two: Day Two – 14:00 – 15:00


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The future of TV is already here. This next generation is more social, more mobile, more democratic… Are you disrupting too or maintaining the status quo?

Amazon, FullScreen, Hulu, Maker Studios, Lad Bible, Awesomeness TV, and Buzzfeed are just some of the new players ripping up the rule book and creating new models that fit the lives of modern society.

This is global disruption that is moving at the speed of light and the broadcast industry needs to tune in and tune up to compete on the world stage or be left behind.

Hosted by Matthew Scott, CEO of Digital Media Disruptors, Navada Group, the session will explore the journey, what’s new and what’s next in the digital futures of broadcast.

Over the course of the session we will be exploring:

The Journey from Traditional to Future
Marc Goodchild, ex-Head of Digital at BBC Children’s, Director of Ginger Snaps Media.

Millennial Adoption of Media Futures
Liam Tootill, Director at SBTV and Co-Founder of Supa Academy

Daily Digital Engagement
Jon Laurence, Digital Editor of Channel 4 News.

The Next Generation Storyteller
Sarah Begum, filmmaker, adventurer and anthropologist takes us on her journey into the world of modern storytelling, digital, virtual reality and new ways to empower the audience.


Matthew Scott, CEO, Navada Group  (Host)
Marc Goodchild, Gingersnaps Studios Ltd
Liam Tootill, Director, SBTV
Sarah Begum, Immersive Investigative Journalist
Jon Laurence, Digital Editor, C4



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