Women and Representation in the Media: A Honeycomb Creative Works Legacy Event

Theatre One: Day Two – 9:30-11:00 


Presented By:

This event, led by Ulster University will be an opportunity to showcase the continuing work and research that is being undertaken by women in the Creative Industries. Following the great success of the Honeycomb Creative Works project, this event will highlight how the partnership between academics, industry and practitioners can lead the way in addressing the under representation of women in the sector.

The event will aim to raise questions about how we can get more women in the media industries, but also, how we might address the negative stereotyping of women in the media.

Professor Sarah Edge, Ulster University, will open the event commencing with an audiovisual talk on her research on how feminism and female success has been given meaning for a female audience through film productions. Spanning the 1980s into the 2000s looking at films such as Fatal Attraction 1987 to more recent films such as The Intern 2015. Her talk will address the role cinematic story telling might be playing in creating a negative representation of the feminist career woman.

Sarah will introduce Leon McGeown Fee, a graduate from Media Studies at Ulster. Leon is a Northern Irish Production Manager and her most recent credits include Disney’s The Lodge and the BAFTA nominated Secret Life of Boys for The Foundation TV Productions.  She has produced music videos for Rhianna and Lady Gaga, commercials for local TV and a wealth of content for CBBC from Dani’s Castle to most recently Millie In Between – both show’s have young teenage girls as their main protagonist. Fiona McElroy will outline some of the legacy projects for women that emerged from Honeycomb Creative Works.

The event will conclude with the launch of Be Seen, Be Heard and Susie Brown will introduce the initiative. Be Seen, Be Heard is an initiative to help female experts from all walks of professional life – academia and business, charity and community – get the tools, training and facilitation to fully participate in media debate, analysis and opinion. Attend this launch event to find out how you can play your part in encouraging a more gender-balanced media in Northern Ireland.

Seen and Heard is an initiative developed by Susie Brown, Director of Corporate Development at Tourism NI, Politics Plus and Bespoke Communications in partnership with BBC, UTV and supported by Ulster University




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