Queens University Belfast presents: Mixed Reality and Immersive Media

Immersive technologies are changing the way we interact with the broadcast programmes we watch and the content we view online. This brings with it both creative opportunities and technical challenges in equal measure.

Immersive Media such as Virtual Reality is not only changing how audiences connect with broadcasters, but also the production process needed to deliver immersive content and its associated technologies. One example is the BBC’s Research and Development division investigating Multiplayer Broadcasting, which blends live TV with the interactivity of online games by placing potentially hundreds of thousands of avatars alongside presenters in a shared virtual world, creating what they say is  “the next iteration of audience participation shows in a broadcast VR-enabled future.”

If immersive forms are key to the future of broadcasting, how do we tool up to get involved as content makers? What are the challenges and what are the opportunities for local companies in Northern Ireland?

Joining us to discuss are:

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