Pitching: From Pickup Lines to Polyamorous Marriages

Too many think of the pitch as no more than a One Night Stand: locate your target, spin a few quips to get a seat at the table, bamboozle them back to their apartment, then slip away in the night while they’re still blinded by the smoke and mirrors. If you’re approaching your upcoming pitch with a mentality no deeper than “gotta nail this pitch tonight”, you’re not bamboozling anybody but yourself.

Pitching is the first step toward a potentially long and blissful marriage. You need to approach the pitch knowing you may one day walk down the aisle together, which is a far greater commitment to think about than hooking up at a conference over a couple of tequilas. By changing your thinking to the long term, you’ll present yourself as far better marriage material than the ones looking for a quickie, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll say yes when you pop the question.


Kevin Beimers

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