The Best Jobs You’ve Never Heard Of

Finding your dream job after graduation can sometimes be a nightmare, but maybe that’s because you’re looking in the wrong place.

You may think that your course has prepared you for one single career path, when in fact your skills could be transferrable to a wide range of options you may not have known were options at all.

Many people who work in Production, Animation, Games, VR/AR, Software or Visual Effect didn’t start out that way, but found that their dream job was only a step to the side. This session is all about thinking outside of your comfort zone, and discovering that the best job for you maybe a job you have never heard of.

Learn from a panel of industry professionals:

They will be sharing their stories and advice:

  • How many of the skills you have might work equally as well (if not better!) in a different discipline
  • How the right attitude toward your own abilities opens doors
  • How to make your own luck

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