The Trouble with Teens: TV Commissioning

Television and the ‘Problem’ of Commissioning for Teens
Chaired and organised by Professor Sarah Edge Ulster University.

This session will be part of the on-going collaboration between academic researchers and programme makers. The session will take a look at the role current television programming for teens may play in the formation of how teens feel about themselves in contemporary society and in particular if programming may play a role in informing or reacting to the increasing prevalence of mental health issues for young people within the UK and Ireland. (A development recently identified by the Royal Society for Public Health on the role Snapchat; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube play in the rise of bullying, anxiety, depression and negative body image. Further supported by research conducted in April 2017 by the Irish Charity of 2500 teens (14 -19) in 2017 found that 72% of Girls and 69% of boys were concerned about their body image).

The session will discuss how programme makers for teens might be able to address such issues with thoughtful and positive content for a teen audience.

Prof Sarah Edge (Ch)
Caroline O’Sullivan
Matthew Scott
Karen Kirby

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