Deepa Mann-Kler

Deepa Mann-Kler

Deepa Mann-Kler is the Founder of NEON, a company that combines creativity and latest technological innovation to create compelling commercial products in virtual, augmented and mixed reality software applications. NEON works with health, education, tourism, marketing, gaming and entertainment. We identify a need and we use the latest technology alongside our own unique creative approach to bring products to market. Technology is enabling consumers to choose how, when and where they use products and this is disrupting old modes of interaction and formats. Neon works alongside the world’s best designers and developers to bring virtual, augmented and mixed reality software applications to market from concept design, build, consumer testing, data gathering and launch. However Neon is not just defined by the products we make but rather by the customer benefits we provide and the lives we improve.

Deepa directed and produced her first virtual reality experience called “RETNE” which was built for HTC Vive and demoed at SxSW17. Deepa is an internationally acclaimed, multi-disciplinary artist with over eleven years experience of major international exhibitions and public art programmes.

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