Creative Chemistry - Bring Animation IP into Video Games


Wednesday 15 November, 11:00 am

End Time: 12:00 pm

The Factory


Taking Animation IP into video games requires some creative chemistry to maximise the storytelling strengths of each medium. Join a conversation with Turnip & Duck the team behind Atom Town, a colourful community of characters based on chemistry of Atom Town, and their game development partners Whitepot Studios as they talk through their experience of developing the Atom Town Game.



Rory Clifford



Vicky Potts

Co-Founder, Whitepot Studios

Vicky Potts is a game developer and co-founder of the award-winning Whitepot Studios, a Belfast-based games development and interactive media studio that creates multi-platform games and interactive experiences. She is a BAFTA Connect member and appeared on the 2021 MCV/DEVELOP 30 Under 30 list.

Aidan O'Donovan

Creative Director, Turnip + Duck

Aidan O’Donovan is a writer, creator, director, producer & performer; and co-founder of Turnip + Duck, an award-winning, writer-led creator studio based in Dublin. Together with co-founder Colm Tobin, Aidan has written over 100 comedy scripts, and created multiple original childrens’ IPs including Maddie + Triggs, Atom Town, Critters TV and Brain Freeze.