It's For Everyone


Wednesday 15 November, 4:00 pm

End Time: 5:00 pm

The Factory


In 2020, Emma ‘Emzii’ Rose came to a life-changing realisation — she was transgender. Embracing her true identity, she faced challenges and setbacks, usually from people hiding behind screens. As she began representing Northern Ireland in esports competitions, Emzii used her platform to advocate for diversity and inclusion, shattering the barriers hindering marginalised groups, embracing esports and paving the way for LGBTQIA+ gamers.

Last month, a short film about Emzii’s journey entitled “It’s For Everyone” took First Prize at the ESI Film Festival.

This session will celebrate Emzii’s success, both in esports and filmmaking, with a showing of the award-winning 14-minute film. Emzii will be joined by NI videographer Mark Gray. Chaired by Sky Tunley-Stainton from the ESI Film Festival judging panel and representing Safe In Our World.




Sky Tunley-Stainton



Emma 'Emzii' Rose

Emma 'Emzii' Rose is a loud proud transgender woman from Northern Ireland. Emzii is a 2x international esports champion, winning a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games and silver at this year's European Games in Poland. She is a professional gamer and content creator for Team7am, hell bent on raising diversity and inclusion in everything she does.

Sky Tunley-Stainton

Sky Tunley-Stainton is a lifelong cinephile with almost 10 years’ experience in the cinema industry, including working with AMC to open the first theatre in Saudi Arabia after a 36-year ban. Now working for Safe In Our World, the video games mental health charity, Sky is passionate about destigmatising mental health conversations, and showcasing the incredible power of games to start conversations, share stories, and help players to feel less alone.

Mark Gray

Mark Gray is a Northern Ireland videographer and commercial drone operator. Mark was integral to the cinematography and production of It's For Everyone, which took 1st place at the inaugural Esports Insider Film Festival in October 2023.