Potato TV presents, Creating an Enduring Quiz: Unleashing the Secrets of Longevity and Success!


Wednesday 15 November, 12:00 pm

End Time: 1:00 pm

Downstairs Theatre


In a saturated market how do you create a quiz show that will captivate audiences for years to come? Join our esteemed panel of industry experts as they share their insights and strategies on how to create a long-running quiz show. From engaging formats to compelling content, we will delve into the essential elements that make a quiz show a hit with viewers and stand the test of time. Gain valuable knowledge from the creators and producers of household favourite quizzes including THE CUBE, MONEYBALL and THE CHASE on casting the right host, designing challenging yet entertaining questions, and incorporating interactive elements to keep audiences hooked. Our panellists will also discuss the importance of adapting to changing trends, leveraging social media, and staying relevant in today’s competitive entertainment landscape.

Panellists: Adam Adler and Martin Scott, Creative Directors at Potato TV.


Kathy Clugston. Currently chair 'Gardeners' Question Time' on BBC Radio 4 & presenter of 'The Ticket' and 'Tell Tales' on BBC Radio Ulster. She is also a regular presenter on BBC Radio 4 Extra



Adam Adler

Creative Director, Potato TV

BAFTA Award-Winning TV Executive & Format Creator, Creator & Exec Producer: 'The Void’, 'The Cube' & ‘Britain’s Brightest Celebrity Family’

Sarah Greene


Award-winning Broadcaster Sarah has presented the iconic shows BLUE PETER, GOING LIVE! & GHOSTWATCH to name but a few across an illustrious career that has seen her scuba diving on the Mary Rose (shipwreck) and interviewing everyone from Chaka Khan to King Charles III. For a certain loyal and committed audience, Sarah will always be remembered for her role as ‘Varne' in DOCTOR WHO as well. Sarah's recently been back on screens appearing on RICHARD OSMAN’S HOUSE OF GAMES, WOULD I LIE TO YOU and co-hosting hit quiz show THE FINISH LINE. Sarah has visited Belfast many times throughout her career to work on a wide range of productions: everything from THE SNOWMAN to THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES!

Martin Scott

Creative Director, Potato TV

BAFTA Award-Winning TV producer & creator, Known for 'The Chase', 'Cannonball', 'Ninja Warrior UK' and many more.

Creative Directors at Potato TV