Social Media For The Screen Industry


Thursday 16 November, 10:00 am

End Time: 11:00 am

The Factory


Join a panel of industry experts from VR, video games, and marketing, as they explore building audiences for their projects through social media. Discover innovative ways to engage and connect with audiences through various platforms, reaping the myriad benefits that digital engagement offers. Perfect for screen industry professionals seeking fresh, audience-centric social media insights.


Rory Clifford



Aimee Beimers, Chief Operating Officer, Italic Pig


A producer with 25 years of experience, Aimee was the digital director of Girlguiding UK for 7 years, where she produced over 45 games and led their digital communication strategy. She is currently the Executive Producer of Italic Pig, where she oversees marketing and community strategies for all project. Aimee is proud to be part of a team that is known for promoting equality and work-life balance.

Michelle Connolly

Founder, Educational Voice

Michelle Connolly is the founder of Educational Voice, an animation studio focused on children's educational content. A Director in an award-winning digital marketing agency, she specialises in content development and promotion. Michelle also runs LearningMole, a successful YouTube channel dedicated to innovative digital content.

James Stafford,

Head of Business Development, INCISIV

I am the Head of Business Development at INCISIV, a company dedicated to improving performance through the power of gameplay. Our mission is to take award-winning research out of the lab making a real difference to people's lives and I oversee marketing efforts to make it happen. Notably, our VR Goalkeeping Game, CleanSheet, is now available on the Meta Quest store, launching alongside the Quest 3. Thanks to intelligent social media initiatives, INCISIV has reached over 250 million impressions, allowing us to scale as a small studio.